Premier Margarita Mix is sold in select restaurants and liquor stores in Boulder County, Colorado. It can also be ordered direct from this website, see Ordering on the navigation bar.

Premier Margarita Mix comes in a 64 fluid ounce bottle. A case contains six bottles and a pallet contains 48 cases. The mix does not need refrigeration and has a one year shelf life. The ingredients, as specified on the label, are: Filtered water, corn sweetener, citric acid, lime juice, FD&C yellow #5, artificial flavor, sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate as preservatives.

Premier Margarita Mix is manufactured in Denver, Colorado for Haystack Enterprises, LLC.

Mixed according to our recommended recipe, (see Mixing on the navigation bar or the instructions on the label), one bottle makes 30 each, 10 fluid ounce margaritas. For our restaurant customers we can provide serving sizing and margin worksheets. Please feel free to contact us for this and other start up support.

Contact us at the email address or phone number below to discuss your needs.

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