We created our mix because margaritas in restaurants are all pretty much the same and frankly we generally don’t like them. The typical restaurant margarita is cloudy in appearance. It is so sweet you can’t taste the tequila. And it usually leaves a nasty after taste.

In mid 1999, after extensive taste testing, we finalized our mix and family and friends convinced us we had to share it. Haystack Enterprises, (named after Haystack Mountain just south of our home), was born. We found a manufacturer and in late 1999 we sold our first case of Premier Margarita Mix to Tom and Helen at Niwot Liquor in Niwot, Colorado. If it wasn’t for them, Premier Margarita Mix probably wouldn’t exist.

Made according to our suggested recipe a Premier Margarita is clear, tart and smooth with no after taste. It features the taste of the tequila. We love it and most everyone that tries it feels the same. And on top of all this it’s fun to sell margaritas.

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